How to Regain Your Lost Joy

linking gratitude to life


Joy suckers. They are all around us. Circumstances suck the joy out of us. Flat tires. Bad Traffic. Unexpected expenses. Death. Loss. Work stresses. An “unhideable” zit on the end of our nose. People. People also suck the joy out of us. The BMW’s: the bitter, moaning, whiners. They are always negative. Always complaining. It’s too […]

When Your Boss is a Bully

Responding to Poor Leadership


The Female Bully. It started on the playground when she pulled your hair. She gave you a nickname in junior high, and called you it in front of the “cool” people. She pointed and whispered and snubbed you in high school. But now, you’ve grown up, so all of the bullying should be behind you, right? […]

Back to the Future

a peek into a leadership perspective


I was in college when the movie “Back to the Future” hit the theaters. The movie was about a young man who is sent back in time, where his actions could potentially ruin his future. He has to find a way to fix his past so that the future he wanted would actually happen. Through all […]

The Heart of a Giver

5 Characteristics of a Generous Person


This month, I have blogged about generosity. (To see previous blogs, click HERE) I just believe that we need it so desperately in our world today. What unity would come in our country if we simply gave, and gave generously to those in need?! The world would certainly be a better place! So, today, I […]

Generosity Gone Bad


I hope the title of this blog got your attention. Generosity gone bad? How in the world can generosity ever be a bad thing? You may have always thought of generosity as a good thing. But as with ALL things, generosity misused can certainly be destructive. Especially when it comes to our parenting. My grandparents had very […]

Geared Up To Give

the blessing bags

homeless woman

Several semesters back, my small group was looking for a way to serve in our community. It seemed that everything we thought to do, was just not the right fit. One night, a lady in my small group said, “Why don’t we make “Blessing Bags”!” Blessing Bags? What in the world was that? A blessing […]